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    octobre 2010

    Antithesis: Raiding Kin (NA First - Full Erebor Raid Cluster T2C)

    ANTITHESIS is an end-game Raiding kin, with many of us enjoying small-group PvP at a high level, and old PvE content, in our spare game time. We are a mature kin (mostly 20s and 30s) and completely drama-free; we are pleased to have members from 5 different continents. We raid on Fridays and Saturdays (9 PM Eastern, raids are 3 hours).

    NA Server 1st and World 2nd - Tier 2 Challenge
    Erebor Raid Cluster (includes Flight T2C, Battle for Erebor T2C, and Smaug T2C)

    We've also 5-manned Flight T2 (just because we had 5 people on at 2 AM one morning; we were looking for something to do, and we like challenges!)

    We are currently accepting applications as we gear up for Helm's Deep.
    We look for players with high ability combined with a great personality--both aspects are equally important to ensure a good fit for you and for us. We also consider your raid availability and our class needs.

    Applications and more details are available on our kin site:
    or contact Zuse by in-game mail.

    We are especially looking for a Guardian, at the present time, but we will consider other classes, as well.

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    octobre 2010
    Update: 12/23/13

    Antithesis has currently closed its doors to recruitment. Many of our members and officers are looking elsewhere for our raiding desires in a challenging environment. For now, some of our members will continue to play casually, but we will not be an active raiding kin. We will continue to monitor the situation to see if things change in LOTRO in the future. Visit our kin site for updates (link in the original post).



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