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    septembre 2007

    Helegrod quests questions

    Are all Helegrod quests now given automatically when entering the various wings? Are there still some quests that you must collect from NPCs? If this is the case, can someone please let me know where to get these quests? I've gone through the wiki and it seems to be outdated or in conflict with the 2011 changes to Helegrod. Many years ago I collected a bunch of quests; I'm not sure if that it still the case.


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    septembre 2010
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    Some of the quests are automatically granted, but not all of them. If you enter each wing and check your deed log, you will see which quests were converted to deeds that are automatically granted. But there are some quests like the one to recover Mirdanant which you still have to get from NPCs, mostly around Rivendell.

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    juin 2011
    pre quest starts in rivendell and will send you to the camp site fire of the misty mountains.

    have a look on this page



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