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Discussion: WTB First Ages

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    WTB First Ages

    Hello, all. Some of you may have seen my minstrel, Sumadven, asking to purchase Bright Emblem of Nimrodel trade-ins for a level 60 mini book and sword. I haven't gotten any responses in GLFF, so I figured I'd give it a shot here. I'm not entirely sure how much to pay for the items, but I'm willing to offer 20 gold for the sword, and 20 gold for the book. Either message me here, or shoot me a tell in-game.

    Lamdori [Landroval] Sumadven [Firefoot]{F2P}

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    juin 2012
    You get the emblems from running turtle. You can run it once a day (it sounds like you know this and you have some emblems.) There seems to be groups that run it. Check glff and regional in Moria. After you run it 6 times you exchange the emblems for first age level 60 weapons (4 emblems for level 58 first age) at your class trader in 21 hall. That will get you your first age weapons. No one else is needed except to run the raids with. The raid only takes 5 to 10 mins. to run. It takes longer to get a group together than to run.



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