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    janvier 2011

    About Crafting Guild Rep and Westfold and Eastmnent tier

    I just got done with the Supreme crafting tier last night for all three of my characters. And boy, was it annoying having to look for resources in Moria. I'm quite glad I'm outside again. Anyway, Supreme had a lot of different kinds of ore and components. It was somewhat complex, do the resources for Westfold and Eastmnent go back to getting just one kind of ore? Moria had four different types of ore and I made a lot of mistakes with refining and stuff.

    Also, waiting almost a week just to craft another symbol for a Guild makes things slower for me to get to the good stuff in crafting like the First Age Weapons. What do you guys recommend me to do with grinding rep for my guilds? My Champ is in the Tailors, Hunter is the Jewerrly, and Burg in the Weaponsmith guild.

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    avril 2011
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    Both, Westfold and Eastment, each use a singular type of Ore, for both Metal/Weapon Smithing and Jewellery.
    However, there are 3 different qualities of Ingots. 2 Ore => Low quality; 2 Low quality => 1 Medium quality; 2 Medium quality => 1 High quality.

    Grinding rep? Simply craft every Rep item when the recipe comes up. And, possibly get some Acceleration items from a skirmish camp.



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