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    janvier 2013
    Los Angeles area

    The Thelynath - A Fun, Casual Kin on Elendilmir

    We are The Thelynath

    "I Thelynath," said the Elvin Lord to our group of resistance fighters after a small skirmish with the Enemy's brigands. "You are a dauntless group of heroes". And so we were born.

    We are Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits and Men. We are nobles and commoners, warriors and wizards. We come from all walks of life.

    We are Heroes.

    Though our backgrounds may be diverse, our purpose is singular - to take up shield, sword, dagger, and spell against the growing Darkness that creeps over all our lands. We will fight side by side against the growing hordes of The Enemy and answer the summons of other like-minded kins should they call out for assistance.

    So, come Free People of Middle-Earth! Join us in our cause. We seek those who wish to stand up and answer the challenge of The Enemy. Though his forces are vast and mighty, if we come together, we will have no other choice but to prevail. Help us return Middle Earth to it's peaceful glory!

    If you wish to join our ranks, seek out Breetie, Snowriell, Bainnor, Berenthalion, Delby, Myrdun, or Semampai while in Middle Earth. Otherwise, please submit your application at and we will contact you in-game.

    May your swords be ever sharp, and your spells strike ever true,

    Lord Breetie
    Leader of The Thelynath

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    avril 2012
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    I can confirm that indeed we are all a bunch of dauntless warriors of middle earth much in the ilk of brave Sir Robin. You can find us "bravely running away" from danger in all four corners of middle earth.

    [viedo] i=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DBZwuTo7zKM8[/video]

    We craft.
    We group.
    We chat and all sorts.

    If you do any of those and/others and think we might not be total write offs come along! you might enjoy yourself - we've been accused of being welcoming on occasion.

    Edit: you can always send us an in game tell or mail, a list of officers below; (means we know who you are and can say hello and invite you)
    Berenthalion - Berendybuck - Me
    Snowriel, snowrielle - and many more on that theme! - our leader Snow / Rain
    Bainnor - Jack
    Myrdun - Aaron
    Hildh -
    Jodriel -
    and many more
    Dernière modification par Eldarian_Grace ; 08/12/2013 à 11h59.
    Elendilmir - 95 Hunter Berenthalion - 80ish Burg Berendybuck - baby warden Berenion.

    Worst Reaver on the server BerendyBash - R4



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