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Discussion: Helms Deep Lottery

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    novembre 2011

    Helms Deep Lottery

    I felt it was very unfair that because I don't have the Rohan expansion (Just purchased Moria about 6 weeks ago) I couldn't enter the lottery for a free helms deep code. Just because I am not there yet doesn't mean that I would not want a chance for the expansion for free.

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    avril 2011
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    Owning the Rohan expansion has no impact whatsoever on your chances of winning the lottery. If you were unable to enter the lottery, there are two possible problems.

    1. Your characters weren't high enough in level (which seems doubtful if your join date is any indication; the inability to get above level 10 in the span of 2 years seems unlikely).
    2. Your characters are bugged. This is the most likely issue. It was a LOT more common with the old lotteries. The servers would fail to receive new information on characters, resulting in it not updating the character level and, in some cases, even displaying deleted characters. Perhaps even characters that had been transferred from one server to another.

    If you think you've fallen prey to the 2nd possible problem, I think the appropriate choice of action might be to submit an out-of-game ticket, but I'm not sure.
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