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Discussion: Hi everyone

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    juin 2011

    Hi everyone

    Well just wanted to shout out as a sorta returning player (was logging in occassionally as on a lifetime account but playing a lot more now)

    The kin I was in (Lux Arcana) is pretty dead so currently unkinned and looking through the recruitment thread and awaiting on an application. Thoroughly enjoying slowly working my way through the story (68th hunter currently in Mirkwood) although I have a handful of other characters from 75th down to 20th I occassionally play to.

    Just wondering though, as I have always chatted with my kinmates I have never really looked at the OOC channels but now they have all moved on to pastures new what is a good 'general chat' channel? Not specifically advice or help, just chat to not feel like such a solo game.

    And if you see 'Yiddo' running around Mirkwood feel free to say hi


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    décembre 2011
    The general chat channel is glff
    type /joinchannel glff

    then type /1 to talk in glff (since you will be joining channel 1)

    Welcome back to the game and have fun!

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    juin 2011
    Thanks a lot, ended up joining the Order of the Divine Brew as they seem to have very similar outlook to me.

    Must admit I did try the glff channel for a few days and even though I definitely joined and there was people there was getting no response Thanks for the tip though.

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    mai 2011

    The official global channel for Laurelin is globallff, not glff.

    Same for other (Former) European servers.



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