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    mars 2011

    Looking for Kinship :)

    Hello! I came to Laurelin from Riddermark, looking for a better and more active RP community. I am somewhat experienced with the game, and my highest level character is a 68. Yet I am overwhelmed by how alone I am when playing on Laurelin. I know absolutely no one on the server, which is really sad. So I'm going to ask for a kinship Currently my highest character on Laurelin is a level 6 (yes, terrible, I know), but of course she won't stay that way for long. Her name is Arvellien(human warden).

    In a kinship, I look for a close-knit family of sorts. I need to get to know people right from the beginning. I'd like it if there were around 2~5 people online at any given time; not too little that's it silent but not too much that I can't talk. I would like the sort of kin who accepts and embraces my inner oddities, the kind of kin that would rescue a lost level 16 stuck in Angmar for a kin event (RPing all the way, of course). I don't participate in raiding or PvMP, so please don't invite me if that's what your kinship revolves around.

    I myself am a 13 year old girl. I love to read, write and do sums. I'm weird, I'm random, I'm sarcastic, I'm helpful, I'm kind... I'm many things. In my head I am a sloth milker. Outside I'm a student. Oh, I live in the Americas by the way. I'm pretty bad at RP, having come from Riddermark, but I'm hoping to learn. I don't mind if I have to RP often, as long as it's not TOO strict. I've read two of the LotR books and the hobbit, but haven't read the Silmarillion or any of the others.

    Darn, I'm sorry for that block of text I just sent your way. I just hope you read through it O_O
    I'll just stop typing now to reduce that block of text.
    Well, if you're interested in having me in your kinship, please tell me Thank you!

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    septembre 2011
    If you've not found one yet, there is one in the process of being formed called The Lady's Guard, which is an all-female (CHARACTER, not player) kin that will be recruiting soon once it gets officially ICly founded.



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