Monitor your children while they are playing LOTRO.

I was doing a quick stop at Bree to sell some drops and craft out some components when I heard the faint FE. Looked over to see some one on the ground. Ok, on with my business while watching the person that cast the FE run around in circles and jumping up and down on the person on the ground. Big eye role, back to sorting and checking recipes. The person finally got up, ran around a bit then sent me cold kinship invite, which I declined. Then the person came over and started doing area of effect attacks on me, shook my head and back to checking to see if I had everything for the recipes I wanted to do. The attacks had no effect so now the even less effective FEs started. Still rummaging in my bags and making a list of what I needed to do get from my vault. Realizing the FEs weren't having any effect the person jumped on their horse road it over the top of me and parked there. I just poped back to my house to pick up the materials I needed to do the recipes. Then after waiting for my time out to end, back to Bree to do the crafting. Yup, there he was harassing yet another target.

So parents please remember to monitor your children, these juvenile antics are quite aggravating.