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    avril 2007

    Is my lifetime sub account gone?


    I haven't been playing for a couple years, but wanted to start LOTRO again. However I heard a rumour from a friend that if I hadn't logged in for a certain time my account would be deleted. Is this true? I just tried logging in and had zero characters, also my account was flagged as "Free to play".

    For the record I've been playing since EU release early access, bought lifetime sub right away. Also if this is true, I didn't get email notification at any point...

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    janvier 2011
    I haven't been playing nearly that long, but it is my understanding that if you were playing through one of the European hosts, players were given 6 months some time ago to switch their account to Turbine. If it wasn't switched, it was deleted. That's the only way I know of that an account is deleted by the company.

    Just saw the name in another post, Codemasters. If you had your account through them and didn't switch, it's gone and unrecoverable. Sorry.
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    avril 2007
    D'oh! I'm sorry, I forgot that Turbine forced us to change our account names earlier. It's been a while. My account is still there, sorry for the hazzle. I just kinda panicked because I really love this game :> Would delete the thread but it seems I can't. Mods?

    TL;DR I'm an idiot, sorry.

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    Glad you got it sorted, Kauhu.

    Welcome back to Middle Earth.



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