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    juillet 2012

    Smile Choosing a role-playing realm

    Hey all i just have a simple question

    I know there a two role-playing realms (english ones) in lotro and i wonder in which one of them (laurelin and landroval) people role-play the most?
    My point is one of them is a realm where some specific events take place and the other (atleast i hope so) is the one where everybody is always in-character and this is the one im looking for,so i mean where are the most roles played on?

    P.S if you played WoW i mean im looking for one that looks like Argent Dawn EU

    Thanks in advance..if you help me i mean

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    janvier 2007
    I'm biased, but I've been playing exclusively on Landroval for the better part of six years and I've never regretted it. There are some great, established kinships, the Prancing Pony is usually fair full, and, from the forums anyway, there are events sprinkled throughout. I can't honestly speak to the general quality of RP now, since I have tended to become something of a loner in my old age, but as far as me and mine are concerned, Landroval was, is, and always will be the place to be

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    juillet 2012
    Theres also the thing that you mentioned...about the quality... i love it when someone bumps on someone randomly and role-play randomly that is the thing where everyone and everywhere role-plays and not only exclusive roleplay events that take place...if landroval has this then im in

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    juillet 2012
    Ofcourse if someone has something to add say it ... its a fresh thread and i could use some more opinions

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    février 2010
    I am so far satisfied with Landroval.
    Active Kin, had a couple good RPs and happy.
    But I've been there for only a few weeks.

    I dont know how Laurelin RP is, though.
    Laurelin, I believe, is far more strict.
    Its RP enforced, and a European server.
    Landroval is RP encouraged, but not that strict, and a US server.

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    août 2013
    What is the PVP Ettens like in Landroval and do people roleplay in freep n creep raids and in general in Ettens as well?

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    septembre 2011
    Laurelin doesn't seem to be any stricter than Landroval. They look to be about the same.

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    juin 2011
    The most important thing i believe is to take into consideration your timezone and when you will login. I am a dweller of Laurelin which is has a really nice roleplaying playerbase. We do have some US players in our kinship but due to the hours they keep it can sometimes be difficult for them to make some of the events of our kinship.

    Laurelin also has in support of its roleplaying community the Laurelin Archives which is where a lot of the roleplayers associated with the server all come together to post their in character stories/events etc.....
    Khalis Imieran - Captain of the Warband of Imladris



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