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    octobre 2013

    Can't add Starter pack to account, or Turbine points

    So I'm having problems with a starter pack I bought from Steam. And properties on steam show that it has been added to the game. However I do not have the XP boosts, the turbine points, and I presume that the Evendim quest pack has not been installed. I also tried to purchase points for the game, whilst in game, through the only option avalibille...Steam Wallet. I can add money to that, but the money just does not seem to be transferring into Turbine Points when I want it to. This seems a common problem from googling around, but...please can someone come back to me with this? Especially now I've paid for something, and I'm not getting what I paid for. May well be a steam error (And I'm contacting them as well), but I'd just like some advise on this.

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    juin 2007
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    There is no connection between the Steam servers and Turbine's servers for content purchases like the starter pack. Anything you purchase for Lotro on Steam is delivered to your Steam Account and Turbine doesn't know anything about it. You have to go into your Steam Account and retrieve the key code for your purchase. Once you have the key code. You log into Turbine's system:
    and apply the key code to your Lotro account.

    As far at the problem with purchasing Turbine Points via your Steam wallet you are going to have to contact Turbine account management directly either:

    1) Submit an email ticket:
    via the support and wait some days.

    2) Call Turbine on the telephone:
    when they are open --> Yula approved because I have no patience. I want this kind of problem fixed preferably within 120 seconds.
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