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    novembre 2009

    Unhappy Looking for help on server with Instance: Echoes of the Dead

    Hi all, I haven't posted in a while because I've been doing so well in-game. I am now on Book 3 of Volume 3 and need a little help with the final quest in the book, the Instance known as Echoes of the Dead. I attempted it solo. Because I'm a champion, I cannot heal in order to keep the Rangers alive during the combat portions of this Instance. Candaith in particular tends to die during the third or fourth wave of Oath-Breakers. So, I need a little help. Members of my kinship aren't available right now to lend assistance, so I am hoping someone from the Arkenstone server can help. In particular, having a Minstrel or Rune-Keeper whose sole responsibility is to heal the Rangers in combat would be nice. And another fighter to help with the Oath-Breakers wouldn't be a bad idea either.

    I am known in game as Dagiboras, so you can reach me under that character name. You can also post a reply to this message if you're willing to help.


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    juin 2012
    This quest is not easy, I remember after they did this change, about finishing quests only when out of combat, it became pretty challenging I don't know if you still need help for this quest to finish, but I am willing to lend my hand with my Lore-master or Minstrel

    Arkenstone, Storm of the Blades



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