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    mai 2008
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    Cool Immigrants Reaver PvP vid

    Cause creeps are OP bro

    Proof you dont need impale for most fights
    Dernière modification par sebo2yoface ; 09/10/2013 à 17h08.
    I do it for the lulz. ~SnH~
    People @ turbine/WB are a huge tease, but dont worry they end up screwing you on every update/expansion.
    " When enough scrubs get together, they accomplish great things "

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    novembre 2010
    Nyyx, you have a very interesting taste in music... nice choices there.

    Oh... and nice video, too.
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    septembre 2007
    Nyyx, you just can't help Josh can you? You pick bad music and lose some of his 1v1s :P. Jk, nice video, nice to see their are actually creeps who still nerf themselves in 1v1s to make if fair(I.E no impale against most classes/no wrath)
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    juillet 2011
    No Impale and still keeping above what the other bandwagon creeps call "they're all OP so we need to outnumber to even get a chance to win".

    It truly shows how frighteningly far below the bandwagon really has fallen for the players on creepside.

    *And if you think I'm generalising creeps, I'm not. The only creeps not in the bandwagon are already ridiculed on creepside for not being part of the bandwagon. Go figure.

    Better start polishing the Reaver trophy for the oncoming "Best of the Best 2013" thread, not that it means much comparing the competition however.

    Top-notch PvP Video, better than Montaro.
    Dernière modification par Gottapee ; 10/10/2013 à 11h59.

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    décembre 2010
    Afk in Grams/GV
    Great video. Had to mute the sound, but the action was great.

    "Thinking you can do something is confidence; doing something is competence"
    Professorkeating, r12 War-Leader/ Ryzer, r13 Captain
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    janvier 2012

    - Immigrant will understand -
    Dernière modification par TheBaneofMen ; 11/10/2013 à 13h31.
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