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    octobre 2012

    Skirmish Soldier Level bug?

    I recently helped out a kin to level up so we did a tier 3 lvl 65 skirm. I used my lvl 78 warden. My question is, when i looked at my skirmish soldier it says he's level 78 but i know that i only leveled him to level 60 with the skirmish trainer. Is this a bug or does it just show it's level 78 but functioning/damaging as a level 60?

    I would really appreciate any clarification on the matter. Thank you.

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    juin 2007
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    You are getting confused by the two different levels:

    1) Your soldier is always your level. All combat involving your soldier takes place using the adjustments based on the difference between your level and your opponent's level.

    2) All Skirmish trait upgrades have a level associated with them. The cost to buy an upgrade is base cost 100% when the upgrade is the same level as your character. You want the lowest cost to purchase a Skirmish trait upgrade. Do not buy any upgrades until after you level cap.

    In summary, buying an upgrade under your level you get a discount. Same level full price. Higher level you pay extra. The more the difference in levels the bigger the discount or penalty.
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