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    novembre 2009

    Smile Congratulations High Chieftain Demonio!

    Eloquence, Poise, Respectability.

    These are but a sample of the words that can describe the newest High Chieftain to Elendilmir.

    Demonio is a kind natured soul, one of which I've had a pleasure to play alongside and against. His ability to welcome, and advise all greenies is truly a quality to be admired.

    His skill as a player is often forgotten throughout his dedication to assisting those new to the game. Be it within one vs one circles, to even collecting quest mats, Demonio is always there to help, assist and nurture.

    It is thus that i can speak with the entirety of the server by my side in expressing my profound congratulations.

    And finally, a thank you note from one that Demonio has assisted the most of recent times; Calithin.

    hi, im vry srs wen i say that demonio is the most helpful and kindest of all reavers in middle earth. he more than anyother shuwn to me the basics of champison and has enabred me to succed all rund.

    -Such sweet words, for the one who has been the sweetest of all, to all of us.

    Well done, my friend.
    Gandolfien - Acta Non Verba

    Achmetha/Yewl - Stainless

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    novembre 2007
    8 332
    truly the kindest soul I've ever had the fortune to come across in an online game, may your future endeavors be as fruitful as the twin trees oh demonio most valiant of reavers
    There may come a time for valor without renown, for those without swords may surely still die upon them.

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    mars 2009
    1 044
    Any joking aside in this thread I really do think you're pretty wonderful....most of the time....except when you're not,which is often.

    I have much enjoyed grouping with you,healing you,rezzing you endlessly at 1vs1s.But,more importantly our chats.

    You're a sweet kid(buried under about 20 feet of trolly exterior) and a very talented player.

    Grats on a well-deserved rank it's been nice playing along side you on E and on BW you're a pro-reaver.....and a horrible warg


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    août 2007
    3 595
    Grats Demonio. You were the toughest reaver to fight, and refined you strat against wardens quite impressively over the time we fought. I just regret not changing my own more to keep you guessing.

    Gando, was that post written about Demonio, or you?
    [center]Let our actions speak for themselves. Jinjaah has been pouring over every post in the Bullroarer forum. Please keep in mind that any experiences with previous LOTRO teams are not reflective of the current team, give us a chance[/center]

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    juin 2007
    Southeast Wisconsin
    Grats bud!

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    mars 2008
    Congrats man!! Truly one of the best players left on this Server and Game!!
    Ebe - Best CC Capt out there - Softello - Worst Champ ever to play Lotro - Dobags - Failwarg



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