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    décembre 2008
    1 636

    Congratulations Third Marshall Lillyn

    Congratulations Third Marshall Lillyn~
    You always show up with a good attitude, excellent heals and you're are a great team player! Grats, Lillyn, and best of luck on your way to r13.
    Casinoari - Rank 15 RK
    Malakorou - Rank 10 Defiler
    Casinari - Original Challenger of Saruman Minstrel

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    juillet 2009
    Gratz Lillyn.... /BOW
    [charsig=]Anthraxious[/charsig] Reaver-Killanation r10, Black Arrow-Muzeygash-r10, Warleader-Grishski-r10, Defiler-Anthraxious-r12
    "People should not be unfamiliar with strategy, Those who understand it will survive, Those who do not understand it will perish"

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    janvier 2009
    Thank you! Long road to R12. Thanks to all who contributed and made the journey fun, especially Ashurt (sorry, bud, only needed like 18 points and you were it).

    So on to keeping it fun -- more Ring around the Rosy and Flop Goes the Minny!

    Lillyn (Minstrel), Lynrial (Hunter), Lorlyn (LM), Lynrieth (RK), Dazeylin (Burglar), Ithilyn (Beorning) of Arkenstone

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    mai 2008
    Congrats Lynn!

    [url=][color=red][b][font=Comic Sans MS]Shadow and Flame Kinship[/font][/b][/color][/url]

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    avril 2007
    Gratz Lilyn cannot think of a more deserving minnie. You always have my back!!! (Firawing) so many many congratulations.

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    mai 2011
    Congrats Lillyn, always fun playing with ya! Good luck on r13!
    [b][color=Gold]Arkenstone - Umaiar: [/color][color=Crimson] Wolfbacon - BlackForestHam - PorkOrc - RumpRoastReaver[/color]
    [color=Violet]Brandywine: [/color][color=Crimson]MyLoinClothIsFalling - PewPewPower[/color]
    [color=PaleGreen]Landroval - TheBloog: [/color][color=Crimson]SausageSaviour - TheBAFormallyKnown[/color][/b]

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    septembre 2010

    Congratulations Lillyn

    Always a pleasure to fight along side of you. Always look forward to the fights in the moors.
    Lots of laughs, discussions, and sometimes frustrations, but with all that said it makes for good teamwork and a fun time.
    Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Atta girl!!!
    I would like to see a green ball in the mini map, not a star constellation ....... Please



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