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    janvier 2011

    Unhappy Please fix forum search function

    I am finding that the search function on the forums is largely useless. In the previous version of the forums I could type in some keywords and get pertinent information. On the new version of the forums performing a search pulls up just the main titles of posts/forums and when I got to look at any of the results, I find that there is nothing related to my keywords. To actually find any information on the forums, I am having to use Google's main search page, and then I have to wade through all of the results to see which ones are from the official LOTRO forums.

    Please, please, PLEASE fix this. I really found the forums useful before, but now I can't find anything and can't even figure out why some posts came up as results. I've tried using advanced search as well, and that doesn't seem to get me anywhere, either. If I can't find anything when I search, what is the point of having a search function at all?

    I love this game and I appreciate all the work that has been done to streamline things, but the new system just isn't working.

    Thanks for reading this.

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    juin 2007
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    There is nothing Turbine can do to fix the forum search. Turbine didn't write it. The forum search is something that the company that sells vBulletin created, The only choices Turbine has are:

    1) Pay many dollars to have the search feature improved by the owner.
    2) Buy a different forum software product - Pay Turbine employees to customize the new package.
    3) Pay Turbine employees to redirect all forums searches to Google.
    4) Pay Turbine employees to disable the built in forum search capability. No longer a feature. No more complaints.

    Turbine probably feels that there is no need to do anything. People will fire up another browser window. Use Google or some other search engine.
    Unless stated otherwise, all content in this post is My Personal Opinion.

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    février 2007
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    Try this:

    • Always use Advanced Search.
    • When you enter Advanced Search, always press the "Single Content Type" tab first.
    • Now enter your search terms and parameters pretty much as you used to on the old Search.

    I've found that works tolerably well. One thing that's nice is that it offers me a way to remember the Search settings I use most often.




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