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    octobre 2013

    New Player on Landroval

    Brand new player here, looking for a dedicated roleplaying guild (Fellowship in lord of the rings?)

    The bad news- I know pretty much nothing about the game, just what I have learned hands on while exploring, I am level 10 now. It has been ages and ages since I read the books so my lore is pretty fuzzy, though I am working that into my game play as my Character has lost many of his memories do to a knock on the head.

    The good news- I have played rp mmo's since 99, and many of those years being guildmasters, so I am a newb to the game but not the playstyle. I do not jump from guild to guild, once I choose one that is where I stay, I am loyal and honorable as a person even if a character I play is not. The man behind the keyboard is a man of his word. I have missed the guild aspect of gaming since the guild I have played with since 99 left WAR a couple years ago and is sort of not in the mmo world right now and console gaming is starting to get old.

    My ingame name is Tolacharn ingame.

    Thank you for your time

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    Welcome to Landroval you may get more of a reply on the Landroval server forum itself. When it comes to lore, the character itself need not necessarily know it; I do not expect a Bree-lander to know about the world outside of Bree-land until he is told about it, for instance. Hobbits, too, I would not expect to know much outside of the Shire and possibly Bree-land. With a character like that it may be easier to slip into that aspect of RP.

    If your character is a bit more complicated, there are plenty of wikis online with decent information. If you have any questions my Landy toons, the ones I am on most often, are listed below. Cheers!

    RIP ELENDILMIR • Jingle Jangle
    : LAERLIN (Bio + Drawings) • LAERWEN • OLORIEL • AETHELIND (Bio + Drawing) • NETHAEL



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