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    juin 2011

    Disarm and Standards In The Moors

    I've noticed recently that certain (not all) disarms from wargs / reavers in the Moors remove the ''placed'' standard and if your using the Hope Banner for example its up to a 4k loss of morale.

    If this is WAI then i'm cool with it, but my question is, why doesn't the banner disappear on all disarms, and if its placed in the ground i'm not carrying it! Other Captains i've spoken to have experienced the same.


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    septembre 2010
    Watertown, MA
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    Whoa, that sounds like a pretty serious bug! I'd report it with the bug tool. (/bug)
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    août 2007
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    I can't speak to whether its wai or not, but i'll just point out the differences in disarms. A reaver disarm only effects your mainhand weapon (or if you have a 2-hander, that). The warg disarm from flayer stance (howl of aggression) is a 'full disarm' which disarms your main-hand, shield if you have one equipped, and ranged weapon (if you have one). I don't have a cappy at all, but if your banner goes in the ranged slot for other classes, this is why it is happening. If it is happening from a reaver disarm, it is just a plain old bug, i'd say. Also note that a small number of pve mobs also have this full disarm ability, though any specific examples escape me now.
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    juin 2011
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    I don't have a cappy at all, but if your banner goes in the ranged slot for other classes, this is why it is happening.
    The banner indeed is in the Ranged Weapon slot.
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