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Discussion: Sambrog Video Guide

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    septembre 2010

    Sambrog Video Guide

    I recently made a Video for a channel I co-own, on the dynamics of the 'Sambrog' Instance. I run it at lvl 85, with 6 people, at tier I as the main healer.

    If anyone could, please give it a like, especially if it was educational. Or you could leave a helpful comment, we need all the help we can, to counter-act those cyber-trolls. If you'd like to see more LOTRO-related videos, give us a sub.

    Thanks and enjoy!

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    septembre 2011
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    I would suggest the captain just heal and you go DPS. Additionally, the starting fight is much faster if you just take all the mobs up to the top of the far set of stairs and let the Champs just shing shing everything into little bits. Also, the large room in the middle with all the hounds just before you get to Sambrog's room is super fast if you just run all the way through, aggro the mess and again just let your champs just shing shing everything at the far end.

    When you get to Sambrog, you didn't point out that all DPS needs to focus only on Sambrog because killing his adds will cause the challenge to fail and eventually the healing adds will out heal your DPS (though you have to be really bad to get to that point.)

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