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    juin 2008

    Well Done Commander Maddawgg!

    Congratulations are in order for one of the best to grace the Guardian class in the Moors! Good show, Commander Maddawgg, also known henceforth as the Silent Sentinel. While he doesn't talk much, he proves that actions do speak louder than words. He's always got a shield-wall handy and the little fella can dish out some incredible DPS. One more to team purp!
    I am Blatant, shepherd of cows. And my voice is rather velvety.

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    décembre 2011
    Congrats Maddawgg! Now that I'm playing my hunter more I love you Guards even more. Keep up the good work.

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    janvier 2011
    Thanks for the gratz Blatant.

    Was a fine day for moors'n Sunday.
    I actually ranked a little bit before that grueling 90+ minute battle. Got so many KB's and by the time the day was over I racked up 20,000 + renown into rank 11 on the climb to rank 12. Gratz to all involved and I heard even the creeps were satisfied, if that's possible lol.

    Special shout out to Jango for all the big raid leading he has been doing during my grind from rank 10 to 11, and Apache for a whole lot of small grouping also (I remember when we both ran ahead into Groth and cleaned it out before another raid came in, they were like, thought there was action. Another one I recall was where I think Woldryt was with us or another guard, Lugz quest room I shield walled Jango with Apache healing me as I hid behind the door box, they kept chasing the other guard around the room to drop the SW, until Jango wiped about 7 or 8, was funny as h.

    More morale and dmg %, just what this Dawgg likes.

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    novembre 2011
    Congratulations Dawg.
    [center][url=]Burglar 'Moors Videos[/url][/center]

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    décembre 2010
    Afk in Grams/GV
    Gratz Mad, well earned!


    "Thinking you can do something is confidence; doing something is competence"
    Professorkeating, r12 War-Leader/ Ryzer, r13 Captain
    Skill and Valour, Landroval

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    janvier 2011
    Congrats Madd!!! Keep up the hard work!
    Earth - Credendo Vides

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    décembre 2009
    New Jersey
    Congratulations Maddawgg!
    Crickhollow Kinship Directorate ~ Paladiran Kin Leader 115 Hunter, r10; Leeafe 105 Lore-master, r1, Agrro 115 Minstrel, r5, Gaarrd 115 Guardian, Valann 105 Captain, Elvwing 115 Rune-keeper, Sneakky 115 Burglar, r3; Chaamp 115 Champion. Shifta 100 Beorning, Siegun 105 Warden, Heeals 93 Minstrel, Staarr 110 High Elf Hunter



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