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Discussion: Good to be back

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    août 2011

    Good to be back

    Heya guys

    I just graduated from US Navy Boot Camp, and am now a United States Sailor. I've been gone for about 2 months and I want to know, how much has changed (besides the obvious forum changes)? I won't be in game for another few weeks but I will be on the forums. Hope you guys are doing good and I'm happy to be back.

    [Jonp - Rank 11 Hunter] [Garaluk - Rank 9 Reaver]

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    février 2007
    2 280

    Well if you act fast when you get back on you might get enough bounders tokens to get some universal toolkits or something at the statue in MD... and you may have noticed some of the class change overviews are out. They are being released alphabetically, I believe.

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    novembre 2010
    mickey mouse land
    Hey guitarguy, as a former sailor I say welcome to the brotherhood. What is your MOS? And where are you being stationed? Good luck in your career and prayers for safety. /swordsalute
    "Dwelling on the past only ensures that you will fall in the future."
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    décembre 2010
    Welcome back and congratulations on your graduation!

    I was a jarhead in my younger days. Feel free to reach out if there's anything I can do to help you get settled back in.

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    septembre 2010
    Congrats and welcome back, Jonp.

    Not much has changed. Lots of QQ and cookies everywhere.
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    avril 2012
    Jonpeel! Gratz and welcome back

    What has changed? nothing much besides who is qqing =o
    Gall is still farming us all, I still fail, etc etc.
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    novembre 2010
    Gratz Jonp!

    I haven't been on LOTRO much of late (maybe HD will renew some of my interest), but I don't think really anything has changed besides maybe some new faces.
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    août 2011
    New Zealand
    Welcome back Jonp! ...Haha I'm still gone, dunno if I'll be back, but maybe later this fall! We'll have to catch up!
    {Evogrin R11 warden} {Evogash R9 warg} +wayy too many others R6-8! Though I do not play lotro anymore, thank you to everyone who made this game so much fun all those years! God bless!

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    septembre 2010
    Grats and welcome back!
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