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Discussion: AoE Bear Taunt

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    août 2012

    AoE Bear Taunt

    Title gives pretty much everything. I was thinking that havin bear taunt being an AoE skill would be pretty nice. In an average grp u dont have to use taunt either way so it wouldnt mess up a fs or raid, but it could help solo. Thoughts?

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    juin 2011
    Oeh, I'd love that
    Earvordui - 85 LM

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    décembre 2010
    Not a bad idea, but I'd really want to be able to trait for it.

    Unlike a lot of other LMs, I use taunts a LOT in groups. Its awesome for picking up mobs when they charge at glass cannon dpsers and healers, especially when you're running with a new / undergeared (or lazy) tank.

    I also use my bear a lot for repositioning mobs for crowd control. For example, in BfE I will daze one berzerker, then taunt the other and drag it into a corner ready for daze. Keeping dazed targets away from the raid group makes breaks far less likely.

    Lastly, you can do reasonable off tanking with bears in various raids - my kin recently ran BG, and at Durchest we used 3 LM bears to tank the adds.

    Having said that - I would LOVE a AoE taunt option for solo and three mans, just as long as I could revert to single target for raids!



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