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    janvier 2013

    What are shards used for?

    I'm still a little confused with the whole LI system.

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    janvier 2012
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    I'm still a little confused with the whole LI system.
    Shards are mostly used to create your own relics (settings, gems and runes). You can also make Legendary accessories with them (scrolls of delving, empowerment).

    Here is a link that describes the whole Legendary system in detail

    Good luck!

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    avril 2011
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    I suppose it depends on which shard you're asking about.

    Legendary Shard is a crafting item sometimes the found when deconstructed Legendary Item (with chances and amount greater with the level of the Item). They are used in crafting recipes for lvl 60 Third, Second and First Age Legendary Items. However, for crafted Legendary Items lvl 65+, they use Legendary Fragments.

    Shard is a form of currency that can be used instead of Gold/Silver/Copper when Identifying, Reforging, Relic Forging and Deconstructing. You can gain Shards by Critical Success in Relic Forging, and when Refining your existing relics. Also, Shards can be used in Melding, they can either be used to fuse relics into specific new ones, or be used to create an unidentified Legendary Item or Legendary Support scroll. You can see a full list when you visit a Relic Master.



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