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    janvier 2011
    Zagreb, Croatia
    1 025
    Well someone will win, but not me since the chance is probably 1 in 1000.... Good luck everyone .. Couple more hours....

    [COLOR=#ffffff][I][B]Only fools and dead men never change their mind[/B][/I][/COLOR][/CENTER]

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    septembre 2012
    Citation Envoyé par Drammall Voir le message
    "Winner's will be notified via an in-game e-mail".A bit of clarification needed here, I'm assuming this means an actual e-mail sent to the address we used to create our Turbine/Lotro account, or an in-game mail waiting for us when we log on. Surely it wouldn't be a case of having to log-in with the winning character and having to wait on a GM to receive the code via a PM?
    They would do it with the winning character since the winner entered with that character.

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    juin 2011
    Heads up! Another one (HD lottery) has been put up, it ends this Friday.

    And again, good luck to anyone entering it.


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