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    octobre 2010

    Celebration! We unlocked! GO US!

    We unlocked the server today at 5:14 p.m. Pacific time (8:14 p.m. EST)! Here are some screenshots of the block party! Feel free to post any screenshots that you may have taken of the block party. GRATS everyone! GO US!

    Gilmosrandir was the first to obtain the horse! Here is the horse in its glory and it's named Brandywine (as reported by Gilmosrandir)

    More celebration!

    Finally, everyone passed out from too much partying- still going on 45 minutes later!

    Dernière modification par JustVe ; 24/09/2013 à 21h07.

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    mai 2012
    East Coast, North America
    Yay! I made the mistake of partaking of the Bullroarer's Brew...sadly my memories are all green and fuzzy. Nice to see what it looked like in full technicolor and not swaying....
    Poppyetta, Officer [url=]Knights Who Say Ni[/url]
    "I am not fond of the idea of my shrubberies being always approachable" --Jane Austin, Persuasion

    currently playing SWTOR sith-side on the Jedi Covenant server. Feel free to say hello! @Poppyetta

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    mars 2008
    2 341
    Congratulations Crick
    Razor // Lusitanius // Crickhollow ~ Portuguese Kinship //

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    mai 2012
    Yes, go Crickhollow! Now get your Universal Crafting Toolkits (+20% Critical Success/-3sec duration=30 Bounder's Tokens) and an Outrider's Token (+25% xp gain on Monster Kills and Crafting=100 Bounders Tokens) while they last!! Pick up a couple 100% xp Crafting Boost Scrolls (30 Bounders Tokens ea.) while you're at it!!
    By the way, I know this is unrelated and I apologize in advance, but looking at your screen-shots it is interesting to see how you have a separate chat tab opened as its own separate box. I never thought to do this. Thank you! :P

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    mai 2009
    Bree-Land Homesteads


    Question: What have the majority of players used the bounders coins to barter for? I love the fact that there is random relics and the universal tool kit (that rocks).



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