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    mai 2012
    I would hazard a guess that Flash Lotteries, unannounced lotteries, lotteries posted at odd times, and lotteries lasting different lengths of time are utterly and completely intentional, to provide an opportunity to a wider variety of people to enter and have a chance of winning ... something.

    Personally I like the variety, and sometimes getting a surprise when I click the lottery button. It's ..... unboring. And unlike some, I never crab about freebies. I simply appreciate them and express my gratitude. Some lotteries I will get a chance to enter and perhaps win, and some I will miss. Que sera, sera.

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    avril 2011
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    Actually when I mentioned there having been about 35 lotteries, I was speaking of each lottery 1x. So technically if you want to count per server you need to multiply my 35 by 29.

    It officially ends at 11:00PM Eastern US Time on Friday. So it's about 79 hours from start to finish.
    Yikes, that's even more than I'd thought! xD I'm not sure I wanna do the math cause... yeah, that's a lot of individual lotteries!

    I personally only check the lotteries (on the standard day) in the morning. I have quicktab-style bookmarks and the Lottery page is my LOTRO one. So I go there, see what's available as I'm logging in, and then head straight to the forums. Normally that's it for the day. Some days, though, I come back just to check the forums again, and on the way to the forums I of course see the Lottery page again. I've clearly missed a lot of lotteries, but that doesn't really bother me. Lotteries are fun and random, not something that should be so seriously addictive as lotteries often can be in RL.

    (though I must say I'd luv to win the HD Premium! )
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    novembre 2008
    Thank You for another Helms Deep lottery, Mr. Sapience

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    décembre 2011


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    There have been about 35 of them over the past month. Some have been 6 hours, some 12, some 24 hours. The Helm's Deep lottery that gave away a Helm's Deep Premium key to the winners lasted about 72 hours. A few, like Yesterday's Hobbit lotteries lasted 2 hours but repeated about every 45 minutes to an hour. So you had multiple lotteries that run up to about midnight.
    Funny that i check a stupid amount of times a day for lottery's and i have not seen any since the helm's deep to this helm's deep lottery?

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    mars 2007

    Thumbs up Helm's Deep Lottery

    I understand that the winners of Helm's Deep Lotteries will be sent the code via in-game email. Will the winners be notified via regular e-mail or do we need to check every alt after the fact to see if we won? And thanks for the lotteries

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    décembre 2012
    Rather than checking each individual character you can go to the lotteries page and check the previous winners. If you won a lottery it shows up there.
    Irming Silvertree


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