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    avril 2007

    Been back for a short time now AND....

    Was considering a xfer, BUT.... After logging in to about 4 or so other servers and starting creeps there are the same issues across the board. Also, after seeing what has been happening the past couple of weeks on E, I must say, I'm having a bit of fun. Yes, there are Fight Clubs, but that's on every server, there are OP Toons, but that's on every server, there are imbalances, but that is on every server... NO, we don't have the same leadership we once had in the past several years, but that just opens up opportunities for others to rise to the TOP! I just came to the conclusion to enjoy the game. When the enjoyment stops, I'll quit playing again like I have over the past 5/6 years.

    Are there frustrations, yes, are there cliques, yes, are there arrogant toons, YES... But there are so many other fun and good reasons to PVmP! In my opinion, it's a game and not RL, the arrogant toons add spice, as well as the fight clubbers... well there are points to be had from them.

    I can't change the mind of one player for the good or bad, I only concern myself with how I'm playing and to better learn my Warg (I still have more to learn).

    There is something to consider, I've heard higher ranked toons in LOTRO and other RPGMMO's who ridicule and slander much lower ranked toons who failed to remember, they too, were NOOBS... guess what, you have Idiots everywhere. I can't change them, but I can help those who need help and want to learn.

    Anyway, glad to be back for the past month and while I miss the Old Days from SOA and on, as well as Old fellow players, I've met some really great new players!

    Glad to be back with my BAOS Tribe!

    Also, I've wondered this many times.

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