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    avril 2011

    Best war-steed stance for Burg?

    I used Riddermark on my RK and really loved it, but something is telling me that Red Dawn might be best for a Burg, for the extra damage - get the fight over with quick, since we're not very tough! Any experience/suggestions to share?

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    septembre 2010
    I used Riddermark on my burg. Having All In The Wrist force the target to ride in front of you to the best of its ability can be helpful. And I think some of the damaging skills include a minor heal for your horse in Riddermark as well.

    Though overall I'd say it doesn't really matter that much, just about any setup should be adequate to deal with landscape mounted mobs, the Hytbold mounted instances, and the smaller warbands. And no setup will make the burglar seem good in comparison to any other class when mounted (except possibly guardian, from what I've heard - mine is retired at 75).

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    juillet 2010
    In a galaxy far far away.
    In my opinion Riddermark is the best, but you should have no problem killing mobs with either.
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    septembre 2013
    I tend to use Red Dawn, for landscape mobs, to get them over quick. Riddermark for the warbands which takes a lot of time, in which RM stance provide some survivability. But overall, I feel that bur on war-steed is at a disadvantage. Our skills to strike from the shadows pretty much goes out the window.



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