Is it possible for turbine to make tweaks to the color scheme?

The current color scheme for the most part im used to but the dark scheme does not work well when replying to threads at all.

At times it can be tough when you highlight part of your message you are typing as the background color and the black highlight color are close, as well as when you receive this....

"The following errors occurred with your submission
This forum requires that you wait 20 seconds between posts. Please try again in 13 seconds."

it is white text on a whitish background, making it pretty much impossible to see unless i highlighted the area.

They are pretty straightforward changes that do nothing but improve the forum, there might be other small areas where color/text is tough but these 2 are ones i notice for now. I have 20/20 vision on a 42" tv with these problems so im sure others do too.

EDIT: I noticed when i clicked "submit" the message box became white background with black text, or when i am not focused on the message box, i would love to default to that instead.