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    juin 2012

    Looking for active kinship on withlywindle

    Hey guys!
    The title tells it all, I'm looking for a new kinship cause my current one has suddenly shrinked. I'm looking for a friendly, active kinship possibly running instances every week. The most important aspect for me would be if there were a nice number of kin members playing on European times. So It would be great if u had some active Europeans in ur kin. I like crafting and I'm always eager to help and learn something new i this game. My main is a lvl 11 captain who is also a jorneyman tailor at the moment.
    Dernière modification par dinky_penguin ; 27/10/2013 à 17h56.
    Dear fella girls:

    If a guy wants you to learn how to play a game...
    It means you are the most important person in his life and he also needs a healer! :D

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    mars 2013
    Ames, Iowa

    Also looking for Active Kins!

    I am also looking for some kins that are more active! Please let me know if you have information about an active kin! I am in U.S. central. Let's band together people of Firefoot!



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