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    décembre 2008

    Fights Friday Night! :)

    I know it's lame and didn't take too much effort, but this video is for the epic fights we had last night. Seriously, the best fights I've participated in in a LONG time. I hope I can speak for all the transfers of Vilya when I say this server has pleased us so much in the pvmp side of things. Hope you creeps had fun too! Cheers!

    Cya out there


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    janvier 2011
    oh my! that looks like so much fun. Makes me sorry I went to bed last night instead of staying up.
    Earth - Credendo Vides

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    octobre 2011
    Coevorden, Netherlands
    Damn why do I always miss the good stuff D;. I guess I need to log on USA primetimes on Imladris more often to come fight against you guys lol.

    - Lubshag/Gasluk/Creepyhealer
    R14 Defiler Ezmoding, R12 warleader Hydraah, R12 reaver Lubshag, R12 warg Landvaettir, R15 hunter Pewpewboom,
    R10 guardian Baforin, R9 hunter Baflo, R9 captain Adalwic

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    janvier 2011
    lubby!!! Come back to us, my warden misses you



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