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Discussion: Grims or basic clock

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    juin 2008

    Grims or basic clock

    I downloaded and started using last night the basic clock, now I can see when I need to log off in time.

    My question is can I move the position of the clock? It is right where I can see it all the time but I would like to tuck it off to one side a bit.

    Or is there another clock out there that allows this?

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    septembre 2011
    According to the comments, it's movable like all other UI elements, default keybinding for that is Ctrl+\, or on european layouts Ctrl+# (same physical key, just mapped to different symbols)

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    juin 2008
    I did try that but couldn't get it to move. I can move the menu where ever I want it but not the clock?

    Unlike the other UI items the clock doesn't have a tag that you can click on to grab and move. At least the one on my screen maybe there is another version?

    EDIT I just downloaded CTime and loaded it instead of the basic clock. That is moveable, smaller and more what I was looking for in a clock. Thanks to those that made this.
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    octobre 2009
    I use this as well and I had no issue in moving this around. It worked just like all the other components you can move around.



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