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    septembre 2013

    n00b looking for a guild

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to join a guild. I started playing LOTRO as part of a course called Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative.

    I'm pretty new to MMO's in general and brand new to LOTRO.

    I am up for just about anything in game but I don't want to be required to do anything. So far I am just enjoying some exploring, questing and just having fun.

    I am Naltarsus on the Imladris server!

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    septembre 2010
    Hello Naltarsus! The Tarciryan Knights are hosting some of the other coursera students, and many of our officers are enrolled in the course (me included). We'd be happy to help if you get stuck, and we don't have any requirements as a kin besides general respect for one another as members. We do a little bit of everything. If this interests you, check out our website or contact me or one of our other members in game and we can answer your questions.

    A useful command is /who tarciryan knights (or any other kinship, or player name, and I think it even works on active quests: it basically searches all the players online by the criteria the game has available for them). You may have to extend the levels the game shows you to see everyone online in the kinship you've searched.

    There are plenty of friendly kinships on Imladris, but of course I hope you choose ours!
    Pierced by the friendship of the mortal races.

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    juin 2011
    Hey Naltarsus!
    I hope you enjoy the game so far. Just as Iorviel said, plenty of kinships(that's how they call guilds here, guilds ingame are for crafting) that are just social, not being required to do certain things or being online for an amount of time. I would read a bit on the forums about the Imladris kins, check out which one fits you best and talk to one of the officers

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    juillet 2011
    Maryland, United States of America
    Like the above posts, Imladris is a pretty small server, but has a wide range of kinships. Most don't require too much, however you have a few kins here and there that will demand different expectations. Currently, the most recent thread listing kinships on Imladris is here-

    Of course, those are not the only kinships here on Imladris, so chances are you'll find something to your liking. Best of luck to you.

    ~Kaelalas, The Northern Kingdom



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