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    Please add Damage type scrolls/consumables for crafters

    Please add a new set of recipes that will temporarily buff the fellowship to temporarily change damage type on weapons. (probably scholar, metalsmith). Probably 30 minute duration.

    It is very annoying to go through instances where most people have beleriand damage when other types would be more effective but it doesn't make sense to change an LI damage type scroll before doing the instance. I understand guard may add a fellowship wide Light damage buff as off-tank in the future.

    Instances where this would be useful, Annuminas (westernesse), DN, and many others. Some classes, like champs are less desired than others here because they use beleriand on most LIs. if you had a temporary buff scroll for westernesse skills.

    Metalsmith (already makes damage type shield spikes, would be nice to have more options like spikes for clubs, hammers, etc...)

    Scholar (damage oils like hunter/warden oils) these could be applied to many types of weapons.
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