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    juin 2012

    Fix damage naming convention ("tactical" damage)

    Given that we're bracing for a relatively major revamp of all classes, perhaps it's a good time to finally fix damage type naming?

    This issue mainly has to do with the "tactical" designation. Currently, "tactical damage" may refer to a tactical source (as opposed to mellee or ranged), or tactical type (as opposed to physical).

    This is utterly confusing, and took me quite a bit of time to figure out as a relatively new player. Also, the tactical designation for damage type does not describe the situation very well (not sure what's "tactical" about burning an enemy when whacking him in a big sword).

    While it is a relatively trite term in MMOs, "elemental" describes the damage type considerably better (and yes, light and shadow can be considered elements in the Middle Earth).

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    juin 2011
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    Though I disagree with the "elemental" name, I certainly agree that they should have seperate names.

    So /signed.

    Maybe Fëarin Damage instead of Tactical source damage? Although I suppose they aren't allowed to use that since it's not mentioned in LotR.
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