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    Having trouble following the lore/epic story

    I'm level 20 and have been playing with a friend, and I have no idea what is going on in the epic story quests, I find it hard to follow exactly what is going on. Can anyone help me get an understanding of hat is going on and learn to keep up with the story? I just finished killing War-Master Uzor

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    Does your friend give you enough time to read through all the quest before darting off elsewhere?

    If not, you can ask him for just a couple more moments to allow you to read.

    Or, you can read all the quests and their dialogue online here: Epic introduction is what you go through initially (just follow the one for your race). Then follow the one for your race for the prologue. After that, everyone follows the same quest line with book 1 of vol 1 onwards.

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    Some times it helps to keep questing and grouping apart. Yes it is super fun to group and quest with a friend, but to really get into the story line (which is awesome!), you need to focus. The fellowship is getting ready to leave on a journey to destroy the Ring.There are filler epic quests to stretch out the experience, such as killing mobs as you did, but by looking at Completed quests in the Quest Log and reviewing where you have been...helps a great deal.

    With the above reference and knowing that there are hundreds (?) of epic quests to complete, you will get a feel for the progress. You get nice rewards for completing each volume. There will be 3 new books with HD, how many chapters I don't know, but the epic quests are the best and should be appreciated.

    Do whatever you need to do, to stay interested if you really want. Your friend will hopefully appreciate that and take the same approach.

    Good luck!



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