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Discussion: New elven cosmetics

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    juin 2011

    New elven cosmetics

    Since the launch of Mirkwood, there have been no added content catering to those of us who play elven characters. I do understand that Rohan is a big thing, and Gondor will be (hopefully) added as well. Those being also areas of man, the cosmetics that come are tailored to fit that race.
    Many of the interim releases between the big expansion packs have also had their focus on the race of man. Evendim, Forochel, Dunland etc.

    The elves are in dire need of an update and addition to the clothing options. Mirkwood gear is still to many something they will never obtain, unless they are in a kin that does a lot of Dol Guldur raids, and on Laurelin where I play, the gear is very rarely seen.

    My suggestion to Turbine is that we get more elven gear in game. Hoping for an added area, say northern Mirkwood, or even Lindon, possibly as a level 95 area is wishful thinking, since the elves are more or less written out of the storyline when looking at the geographic map of the expansions upcoming.

    So dear developers, please, please cater to us players of elves, we seriously need to obtain better looking gear, especially those of us on the Roleplay servers.
    Let us get some good looking gear as well, robes, armour, etc. there are so many possibilities....

    In the least, consider adding more gear to Lalia's Market, it is a bit annoying when you can only get head and hand pieces of an armor set, the rest you have to wish for.

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    février 2009
    Some nice slim boots please or some decent monochrome colour shoes.

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    décembre 2008
    Middle Earth, Arda
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    Anyone can optain Mirkwood crafted gear if they make only aquantaince reputation (don't even require maximum reputation) & the Mirkwood instance gear if they have skirmish medallions. Is a minimum effort, not like when cap level was 65 & Dol Guldur the ultimate frontier.

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