Attention, Free Peoples of Withywindle! Edhel Annon, a social kinship, is hosting The Amazing Race: Middle Earth! This is open to every kinship on the server, and will take place on 6 Oct at a time TBA. These are the rules as follows:

1) Each kinship may enter one team of 2 racers.
2) Teams will complete a series of 10-15 tasks for the various Edhel Annon taskmasters.
3) Taskmasters will reveal to each team the location of the next taskmaster when their task has been completed.
4) The racers may receive outside assistance from their kinship in completing tasks which require items to be turned in. However, the racers must be the ones to present these items to the taskmaster.
5) Racers can use mounts of any speed, speed buffs, and hunter ports.
6) Racers will be expected to fellow with some taskmasters from time to time.
7) Applications (including kinship name and racer names) may be mailed to Ullgar via the in-game mail system.

Some examples of tasks teams could be required to perform include:
a) Prove your musical prowess by playing simple tunes on the lute.
b) Gather the necessary ingredients for a hobbit's perfect meal.
c) Find three "lost" characters, and deliver the passwords they reveal to the taskmaster.

Please note that these are simply examples, and may or may not reflect actual tasks to be completed on race day.

The top prizes will be as follows:
a) A full set of rep items (enough to reach kindred with every faction which uses rep items).
b) Enough food to feed a hobbit for life (t1-t8 food, including food for each stat and regeneration).
c) A supply of raw materials for all your kinship's crafting needs (specifics TBA, raw mats for prospectors, foresters, scholars and jewelers)!

The top three kinships may choose which prize they would prefer in order of completion. All other kinships will receive a consolation prize once they have finished the race. Applications must be sent to Ullgar through the in-game mail system. Best of luck, Withywindle, and let the games begin!