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    septembre 2013

    Does anybody else like bad weather?

    There's not enough for me. I love it when it rains and is cloudy for example, so much more realistic and interesting.

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    avril 2012
    1 745
    I wouldn't mind it happening a little more than it does. Though I imagine too much would be a bad thing.

    One exception: the Misty Mountains. Bad weather there is awful. Even good weather there is not great. I can't see where the mouse is half the time (wish I could change its color to yellow or something).

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    décembre 2008
    Middle Earth, Arda
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    Bad weather is completely relative. Considere this 2 situations:
    1. A couple get up early, is a sunny day, the birds are singing. They quick put some light clothes & pack some snacks on their basket, then run to the close wood to have a picnick day between the flowers & trees. All of the sudden the sky darkened & pour a heavy rain. They now have sad faces.
    2. A farmer have spent all morning since very early, of that brazing sunny day preparing the ground & have already planted the seeds. His arms ache & his feet tired. Just when he finally is done, the sky darkened & pour a heavy rain. He lift his sweaty head & smile to the rain with bliss.

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