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    avril 2007
    Province of America's France
    4 062

    So what's going lately..

    So What's up folk, what is going on lately ?? Where are the old timer of the server ^.^
    Marianna from Windfola, Captain lv115.
    Now on Arkenstone, took a few year off on Gladden.

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    février 2012
    My house
    If you're looking for old timers, go to Ark, we don't have too terribly many old timers on Windy, but Yamy and VV are good people to talk to. (If you don't know who I'm talking about just go to Windy GLFF.... you'll find the answers there.) I'm not the oldest but I was around since the pre-RoR(Riders of Rohan). Late Isengard was around when I joined, when the level cap was still 75. But anyways.... yeah. Not much has been going on with Windy, we're a relatively quiet server. But we always welcome new-comers.

    Aideani Sakuraba/Sicron Belan.

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    mai 2008
    There are many of us old timers still around. Most of us have a number of accounts, some transferred to Ark, Ridd, Brandy, and Ele. A Number left for AION, SW, GW2, and others have just stopped playing.

    Best of luck finding those you seek.


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    février 2007
    2 281
    Some of us also went to the new servers when they opened, way back when.

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    mai 2007
    Killing a Boogan somm'ers, 'cause they remind me of Bogarts.
    2 999
    We's still here. Just don't leave our rocking chairs much.

    I get a kick whenever I see the same people running around that I saw when I was level 10. Like Mr. Gore.
    ****Bogarts! We hates Bogarts!****



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