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    Date d'inscription
    juillet 2009
    Corvallis, OR

    Thinking about rolling a new character here?

    Hey all,

    Im thinking about starting a freshish and rolling a new toon here on Withywindle.

    How is the server? Lots of people? or just people you dont notice cause your too busy murdering bunnies?

    Im not a huge group content player but it can be fun from time to time, how is it finding fellow's to complete group content?

    I understand this server is being recomended for new players, can I assume that means Ill find a decent assortment of lower level players running about the various towns and gathering spots?

    Also, are there treats and refreshments?

    Thank you kindly,


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    juin 2011
    Prague, Czech Republic
    WW is a overall nice server and i would reccomend you to roll a char and try it out here.
    There is decent amount of ppl on 85 which means good endgame ( even in Moors- but that's still kinda work in progress here)
    and as this is reccomended server, you'll see alot of low lvl players running around.

    If your looking for events, it all comes down to few kinships to organize them imo.

    That's about it, if you choose to stay, hope you like WW.



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