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    juin 2011

    Suggestion: Character appearance editor

    While this has probably been suggested in the past...
    I think it would be a good idea to add a service to the store where you can edit your character's appearance more extensively than the options given at a barber's, something more similar to the character creation interface.

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    novembre 2012
    3 Fairwood Lane, Sirith Chim, Falathlorn
    This is a good idea. My first character, Aenduril, was starting to kind of nag me after a couple months. Firstly, her name was not real Elvish, and secondly, I began to notice she had a rather pinched face. I would have longed to fix it, but barber would not do it. Objections I see to this would be making your character unrecognizable (gender changes I would NOT suggest), and if you had a name change you would essentially have a new character. LotRO wants some individuality here and occasional recognization (hey, I saw that epic Rune-keeper with the wild hair!). Perhaps there could be several TP buyable things that could change one aspect, such as head shape, mouth, eyes, skin, etc. This ensures that a TP-budgeted player does not and cannot go overboard with character revamp.
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    novembre 2010

    Thumbs up

    agreed, this would be an awesome implementation
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    novembre 2010
    /agreed... I have wanted not only this... but a character creator similar to what City of Heroes has... this way we can have true differentiation between toons



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