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    septembre 2013

    not sure how to play...

    any idea how to click to move?
    i try looking for people in town but no one was around......

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    octobre 2010
    w a s d or arrows is the way to move also ctrl \ you can move around your inter face. I'm level 13 in no one yet but I'm sure once your higher level you will see more people. Once your level 20 you can go to the main city in bree in ask for a kinship to join in group with people. I played 2 years ago I had a level 34 but some how I lost it So I'm starting over if you like me in you can Quest together so it wont be so boring I just finish my epic quest to kill the Wolf monster You can add me in game Sbillbo Good luck.

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    avril 2007
    Sunny SoCal, USA
    6 442
    Hello, welcome to LOTRO

    For the first 5 levels of the game, you are in an instanced area either in Archet or Thorin's Hall, depending on what race you roll. This is not the 'real' game world, but just an intro to see players through. I highly recommend reading the tooltips as they pop up-- they tell you all about moving, looting, equipping, and other important things to play the game.

    Once you are out of the instanced world, you will likely get a pop up about the festival. A *lot* of people have been mostly at the Farmer's Faire. If you click the pop up and finish it, you will automatically be ported to the farmer's faire, where you will definitely see people. I recommend only doing this after you have set your milestone to your home area where you pop up after the instanced area (what a milestone is, and how to set it, are explained once you get the ability to do so).

    Feel free to IM any of my Elendilmir toons if you have any questions.

    RIP ELENDILMIR • Jingle Jangle
    : LAERLIN (Bio + Drawings) • LAERWEN • OLORIEL • AETHELIND (Bio + Drawing) • NETHAEL



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