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    Date d'inscription
    mars 2009

    Grats on High Chieftain to Ashurt

    Grats on Rank 13 Ashurt,

    looking forward to keeling alongside you on your road to Overlord!

    Age-old mystery solved: the real Dwasori is actually an Uruk!

    F - Various Species of Food
    C - Ungolliar, Slippyclaw, Ummpo, Ironlung, Disquiet, Highwaystar

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    décembre 2008
    1 579
    I got to know Dwasori when I first started playing in the Moors on Ark. Then he disappeared, and when he returned, he'd traded his rune stone in for an Uruk bow.

    Alway nice to see you out there, Ash! Congratulations my friend.


    Casinoari - Rank 15 RK
    Malakorou - Rank 10 Defiler
    Casinari - Original Challenger of Saruman Minstrel

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    avril 2007
    8 327
    Grats Ashurt! (still makes me laugh)

    I remember you when you were a short, young dwarf. You've grown into a tall, powerful Uruk and I couldn't be prouder!

    It's always nice seeing you on the battlefield, and I hope you stick around for another rank.
    Ijustpassedgas Excuseme
    Yeasty Infection

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    septembre 2010
    Grats Ash on our well deserved rank. aWOOOOOOOO!
    No I don't have any qualms about killing you if you go AFK in the PvMP zone so don't bother asking :)

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    septembre 2010

    Thumbs up Congratulations High Chieftain Ashurt

    I miss my little dwarf friend standing on the battlefield with me his name was Dwasori....... You killed him !!! .
    Now I find myself running all the time, cause if I don't I get my "ash" handed to me, from this tall BA that hunts me down.

    Congrats again!!!
    I would like to see a green ball in the mini map, not a star constellation ....... Please

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    mars 2008
    A thousand /rudes later you finally hit rank. Well done my friend!

    Some Uruks rank so slow it would impress the Ents themselves.

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    juillet 2009
    Glad to have taken the time to blow'em with ya, and not so happy when I was blown up from ya. Still one of the coolest BA's and one of thee most laid back players Ive known for many yr's. Gratz!!
    [charsig=]Anthraxious[/charsig] Reaver-Killanation r10, Black Arrow-Muzeygash-r10, Warleader-Grishski-r10, Defiler-Anthraxious-r12
    "People should not be unfamiliar with strategy, Those who understand it will survive, Those who do not understand it will perish"

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    avril 2012
    Congratulations Ashurt.

    Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.(Albert Einstein)



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