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    novembre 2007

    not being able to preorder helms deep

    For me as for many other people that play from south america the latest expansion has brought a big problem.

    Usually on every expansion i got a contact of mine in the USA to order for me and usually 5-10 other players I know to preorder for us and provide us with the codes to apply to our account.

    As the new expansion does not get sold on but only on the new market this option is no longer available, and my friend will certainly not be up to associate his paypal or credit card to 10 different accounts, nor do me or any of the people that always ordered with me give their account information out.

    Calling Customer service I got only the answer that they do not plan to add Helms Deep to the turbine store, and that the only way to place an order for an different account is per phone manually.

    Please fix this or give us a way to buy helms deep as a gift without having to associate an credit card or paypal account to an specific account.

    I know you do not want to loose many of your south american player base.

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    janvier 2007
    Depends on which game I'm in :)
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    See the sticky Gift Giving, Payments on Friends' Accounts and Manual Points Purchases in the Account Support Questions forum area.
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    novembre 2007
    this post is from 2009, and as i had stated i have called customer support ant they explained to me that the ONLY ways to order it is through the new store which requires you to log into your account and associate paypal or credit card to that account, or over the phone manually providing the credit card and account information.

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    juin 2010
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    Do they require game account information over the phone or will they issue you a product-key if you do it that way?
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    novembre 2007
    they require account informations and apply it manually to the account you give them.

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    What is it about South America that stops you ordering it yourself?

    Sorry if the answer is obvious to those in the Americas but I'm from Europe and don't know.



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