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    novembre 2010

    To all the DD bounty hoarders

    You know who you are. We're almost done the statue and you've got a big pocket full of bounties you are hoarding for after its full. I'm callin you out...

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    décembre 2008
    Middle Earth, Arda
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    Dont worry about them, they will not be able to trade for anyting if they don't do the deeds that requires donations

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    juillet 2010
    Strictly speaking, not true... The deeds are for the first vendor. Once you are able to open the second vendor, you can get anything with or without deeds... It should be the other way around, probably, but oh well.
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    novembre 2010
    useless #### anyway lol

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    mars 2011
    The Prancing Pony, usually I'm drunk in a corner
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    useless #### anyway lol
    All based on who you are ...

    "One man's trash is another man's treasure"
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