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    octobre 2010

    What to use Mithril-reinforced leather for?

    This may be a dumb question, but I’m not sure what Mithril-reinforced Extraordinary Leather would be used for?

    I don’t see any Tailor recipes that list this as an ingredient, so can you use it as a substitute for regular Extraordinary Leather with a bonus to the item created or something? Or is there a recipe I haven’t seen that does use this?
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    juin 2010
    7 583
    Making Second age satchels, level 65 if memory serves.
    Crell-L85-Champion - Riddermark ; Swego-L85-Burglar ; Kotvi-L95-Runekeeper
    Delego-L85 Hunter ; Stodden-L51-Captain ; Edhul-L61-Loremaster
    Deglorion - SoA XP Disabler

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    décembre 2008
    Middle Earth, Arda
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    Legendary items level 60 & 65 3rd, 2nd & 1st age: Burglar toolkits, Rune Keeper Satchel, Ministrel Songbook, Lore Master Lorebook.

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    juillet 2013
    KY USA

    Thumbs up Which Professions are These Recipes & What Tier

    I was also looking for the answer to this question & wondered which crafting profs these recipes are found in & what tier? I know the minnie songbook &
    LM Lorebook is scholar, burg toolkit is tailor?, & not sure on the RK satchel though think it is tailor. A kinmate crafted them and wondered what they
    are for so even though my explorer is a much lower lvl than his, I thought I'd research the answer for both of us. Thanks for the answers so far,
    YarmydeAragon & Crell_1!



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