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    juin 2011

    Legends Of Arnor (Laurelin [EN-RP]) (Casual Raiding Kinship (Recruiting))

    The Legends of Arnor is a newly formed Lord of The Rings Online Kinship, Founded on the Laurelin [EN-RP] Server.

    Our main task is getting as much content & instances done, Which will allow us more time to focus on our primary goal. (Endgame-Raiding).

    Within our Kinship we have mixed groups some are RPérs some are Pvpérs and some are just plain ole Pve Players like me.

    in a knutshell we are a very friendly bunch and do our upmost, To help out all those that need it as and were possible within the kinship.
    We enjoy our very relaxed atmosphere with no pressure of heavy set rules hanging around our necks (Who needs them).
    We have our own website at:
    And our very own mumble server attached to the above website.

    We have mixed Officers within the kinship Both From the usa & uk, To cover the 24 hour clock.

    We look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone wishing to join our friendly kinship.

    We are very active with numbers as high as 12-15+ online most evenings, and still 5-8+ online till the early hours of the morning.
    We have mixed members from all corners of the earth, with several members joined who transferred from a different server to ours.

    Our members range from beta players, To totally new to the game members.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and happy gamming to you all.

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